A housing conference was held in September 2012, it was attended by over 80 tenant and residents and the conference was an overwhelming success.  The conference, together with a follow up event in January 2013, provided  a mandate from tenants and residents to improve communications, increase involvement in decision making and to be able to challenge and scrutinise performance. This approach was overwhelmingly supported by tenants and residents at a DFTRA Special Meeting held on 27th June 2013.

Early in 2014 a proposed Housing Board structure was developed and an interim housing board appointed in May 2014 via an interview process that the Dudley Federation of Tenants and Residents was involved in.   The interim housing board replaced the Area Housing Panels, they  were formally dissolved in September 2014. It will be in place until 31 March, at which time the new structure for involvement will be formalised. On 30th June 2015, the decision was taken that the interim housing board would become a full board with the constitution being updated.

The Housing Board has responsibility for allocating the Community Improvement Budget as well as making sure the council provides affordable good quality homes and excellent services.

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