There are currently 10 community representative board members plus four councillors.   There is currently have a vacancy for a leaseholder and if you are a DMBC leaseholder and would like to find out more information please contact us on: or call us: 01384 815168.

The housing board was appointed in the Summer 2014, after consultations it has been agreed in June 2015 that board members would become full members for period of 3 years.    For more information on the selection process, see below:

Board Membership

Council tenants (x7)                                                               

  • Eileen King – Vice Chair • (North Dudley)
  • Jim McArdle  (Stourbridge)
  • Rex Parmley  (Halesowen)
  • Sharon Powis  (Dudley)
  • Angela Hill   (Stourbridge)
  • George Jones (North Dudley)
  • Steve Sharples  (Stourbridge)

Residents (x3)

  • Christine Bate  (North Dudley)
  • Richard Eaves  (Brierley Hill)
  • Tim Writtle – Chair  (Dudley)

Leaseholder (x1) to be appointed to full board              

Independent members (x2) to be appointed to full board                         

These are likely to have specialist knowledge and will be appointed on fixed terms.

Dudley Federation of Tenants & Residents Association:

Martin Smith

Council members (x4)

  • Cabinet Member for housing: Cllr Gaye Partridge
  • UKIP representative: Cllr Dean Perks
  • Conservative representative: Cllr Anne Millward
  • Labour representative: Cllr Elaine Taylor