Community Improvement Projects

Volunteer’s from Dudley Housing Board, the Take Control Project Group and DFTRA came together to review the process and criteria for the allocation of the Community Safety and Environment Budget.  The review led to discussions regarding the Housing Manager’s Patch Budgets and DFTRA Capital Bids, these budgets were all in place to deliver improvements to communities but all had slightly different criteria and administration processes.   The review panel recommended the budgets be merged into 1 Community Improvement Fund, this would enable a fair process for communities across the borough and allow larger scale and more innovative bids.
To enable Housing Managers to react quickly to the needs of the community the review panel recommended that 20% of the total budget would be set aside for low value bids delegated to Housing Managers to approve.
It was recommended that within the new criteria, greater recognition should be given to resident contribution to the community when prioritising which bids to support.
There will be regular updates by the panel highlighting some of the successfully completed bid applications.
If you have any suggestions for improvements that could be made to the area where you live don’t hesitate to contact your Housing Manager to discuss. Your Housing Manager may be able to agree the improvement you are suggestion themselves or advise on the process for making a bid for allocation of funds from the Community Improvement Budget.
If you are interested in finding out more about community improvement projects in your area or would like to submit a suggested project, please contact us.