Communications Group

The Communications Group was set up in 2013 and is made up of tenants, residents and council officers. The aim of the group is ..

Wider communication

  • To improve communications between the council, the community and partner agencies.
  • To work towards developing new and innovative ways to increase participation from the wider community.
  • To review the priorities of the communications group on an  annual basis:

Home Affairs:

  • To receive, suggest and discuss comments on Home Affairs newsletter regarding:
    • Format and style
    • Content
    • Distribution
  •  To read submitted articles and look for the following:
    • Relevance of the articles to tenants and leaseholders
    • Use of plain language

The group has worked with officers to implement the following:

  • Implementation of SMS housing alert system
  • Distribution tender (for Home Affairs)
  • Improving communications booklet

Future projects include:

  • Reviewing Council web-pages & assisting with content & design
  •  Increasing the communication methods used by TRA’s
  •  Monitoring communication methods & any distribution issues

If you are interested in becoming a member on the Communications Group please contact the Particpation and Development Team on 01384 815168 or via email Participation Development Team.